Francesca Bossi is 28 years old and she's curious 
about life. She loves to write, play and dream.
She has a passion for yellow, for geometric shapes, for sunsets.
She was born in Naples, '89 class. She is a graduate student in the same city, took a master's degree and enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples  where she graduated with excellence. After that, she took the Adobe ACA certificate in  advertising graphics she moved to Rome where she works in  many  pubs, but she never left her passion for graphics. She was part of the staff at the event "Creativity day" in Rome and "Joomla day" in Florence where she worked with company Extensions4joomla. She came back  to Rome where worked with the other companies: Komepet, BFR, Kiwigraph, Pala Eventi, and return to Naples where she collaborates with: Mediaintegrati, 
Herry Neon Spa, BonipubblicitĂ . She lives already in Naples today  and gets involved in many projects!

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